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Job Title

Plant Advocate

Job LocatioN

22801 Woodward Avenue, Ferndale, Michigan 48220

Reports to

Operations Manager, Tiffany Best

Primary categories of responsibilities

  • Retail

  • Customer Service

  • Merchandising

  • Inventory

  • Plant Care

  • Workshops

Position Details

  • Approximately 20-32 hours weekly

    • Total weekly hours will vary

  • One midweek watering shift: Wednesday or Thursday

  • Weekend retail hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

    • Weekend shifts may vary week to week

  • Schedule is drafted monthly

  • Occasional supplementary shifts:

    • Special Events/Workshops

    • Large Order Receiving

    • Inventory

    • Deep Cleaning

    • Merchandising Overhaul

    • Expanded Holiday Hours

  • Hourly wage: to be discussed during in-person interview

  • Pay period: biweekly, payroll

  • W2 employment status

  • Paid training

  • Educational materials will be provided

Critical Tasks and Core Responsibilities


  • Opening Duties:

    • Surface cleaning

    • Sweeping/Vacuuming/Mopping

    • Clearing main retail areas

    • Counting drawer

    • Setting drawer with appropriate denominations

    • Turning on lights

    • Ensuring Point of Sale is operational and connected to WiFi

    • Prepping new orders to be inventoried

    • Notifying Operations Manager of any issues that cannot be resolved

  • Comprehensive understanding and use of Square Up Point of Sale for Retail

  • Troubleshooting

  • Spot Cleaning/Dusting

  • Keeping merchandise tidy

  • Closing Duties:

    • Balancing drawer

    • Setting drawer with appropriate denominations

    • Sweeping

    • Spot cleaning

    • Cleaning sales counter and planting station

    • Tidying merchandise

    • Restocking retails bags/packaging

    • Turning off lights

    • Notifying Operations Manager of any issues

Customer Service: 

  • Greeting patrons in a friendly, welcoming manner

  • Listening to plant care questions/concerns and educating to the best of your ability

  • Educating patrons about our plant inventory (tillandsias, houseplants, tropicals, cacti, and succulents)

  • Sharing best plant care practices

  • Answering questions about merchandise

  • Offering suggestions and opinions about plant pairings, pots, etc.

  • Helping patrons with out-of-reach or heavy merchandise

  • Operating the shop Plant Bar for custom potting requests

  • Always interacting with patrons in a polite, patient manner

  • Recording requests or concerns and reporting to Operations Manager

  • Informing patrons about our loyalty program, specials, and any upcoming events


  • Keeping merchandise neat and free of dust, water stains, etc.

  • Reworking merchandise to maintain fresh displays

  • Keeping merchandise stocked

  • Offering suggestions for new displays

  • Keeping plants in appropriate lighting conditions


  • Inputting new orders into Square Up for Retail

  • Printing labels for merchandise

  • Tagging

  • Tracking inventory levels

  • Notifying Operations Manager of low inventory levels--both merchandise and packaging supplies

  • Working with Operations Manager to submit orders and communicate with wholesale vendors

  • Following best loss prevention practices during retail hours

Plant Care:

  • Watering all plants on appropriate schedule, weekly

  • Spotting any pests, quarantining and treating infected plants

  • Repotting plants with appropriate soil conditions and pot

  • Continuing plant education

  • Pruning

  • Pulling struggling plants from floor

  • Troubleshooting patron plant issues

  • Packages plants without damaging or breaking

  • Maintaining overall shop plant health to the best of your ability


  • Leading the management of planning, promoting and execution of occasional plant-centric workshops

Values, Conduct, and Competencies

Conduct and communications shall always uphold the best interest of Lady Lazarus

  • Punctual for all scheduled shifts

  • Attentive to details

  • Trustworthy

  • Articulate

  • Communicates openly and respectully

  • Dependable

  • Able to solve problems calmly

  • Forward-looking/Visionary

  • Tactful

  • Organized

  • Able to multitask

  • Adheres to company dress code

  • Maintains good hygiene

This job requires the regular use of a ladder.

A company handbook will be provided upon employment. 

Education Requirements

Cursory plant-care experience is a helpful baseline for this job, but an advanced skillset is not a prerequisite.  Most importantly, we are looking for someone who is eager to learn best plant care practices provided by Lady Lazarus Management and Team.  This job will require the memorization of over 30 tillandsia species names as well as the ability to identify them.  Employment with Lady Lazarus will challenge all team members to continuously learn more about the plants we offer and how to properly care for them.  Lady Lazarus will provide plant and plant care education with verbal instruction, hands-on training, and educational materials.   

Basic math skills required.

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